Tuesday, March 27, 2007

God Bless My Dear Husband's Heart

Husband and Doctors

My sweet husband and I have been married almost 38 years and I love him dearly. He is one of those men who ab-so-lute-ly hates going to doctors and will tell you he is well or feeling great when he really isn't. Do you know someone like this? Oh my ... it is like pulling teeth to get him to the doctor. It wasn't until his younger brother suddenly needed a quadruple bypass in February that my DH became concerned and decided it was time to have his heart checked. His family has a strong history; both parents having passed away due to heart disease, his dad at the early age of 55.

First Test Scheduled

A cardiac stress test was scheduled for March 16. After the test, we met with the cardiologist who stated his heart 'appears' strong. We were so thankful to hear this great news and thought nothing further would be needed, however, his cardiologist felt differently. Due to his symptoms as well as family history, she felt a cardiac catheterization test was necessary to rule out Coronary Artery Disease. His symptoms included shortness of breath, some chest pain on exertion, along with sweating more than normal - all of which had been going on approximately three months. For these reasons, a Cardiac Caththeterization Test was scheduled March 23 the following week.

Cardiac Catheterization Testing

The day of the cardiac cath test the cardiologist prepared us by stating, if during the catheterization she found any blockage in the arteries, she would immediately change course and take the appropriate action to correct the problem. DH of course signed papers agreeing to whatever the cardiologist deemed necessary as we trust her opinion. We had both been praying about this and had a definite feeling of God's presence the entire time and felt at peace knowing God was in full control.

A Long Wait and Much Prayer

The nurse showed me to the waiting room and told me the Cardiologist would come there after finishing the test to let me know how it went. It was expected to last about one to one-and-a-half hours. I was praying and my faith was strong. I began reading an inspirational book I had brought and sat there praying and reading through the first hour, then two hours passed and I became concerned. I feel this is a normal reaction when the love of your life is having an extremely important health test. Still in my heart I felt totally aware of God's presence. I went into the nurses area and asked if they had heard anything from the doctor regarding my husband. One of the nurses proceeded to ask me if the doctor or her nurse had called me in the waiting room. I stated "no, I had not received any calls". The nurse then stated the only thing she could share was the doctor had found something during the testing, but that was all she knew presently ... and I would need to wait for the doctor to discuss the details. So... off I went to the waiting room again for more time in prayer. During this time I continued to feel strongly God was in complete control.

The Call Finally Came

About an hour later a nurse called the waiting room phone to ask me to come into the recovery area. There I saw my husband already awake, alert, and telling me he felt great. LOL I KNEW he would say that! This is coming from a man who hasn't taken a sick day from work since 2001. God bless him, he loves the work he does; considering it a ministry instead of work.

Doctor Report

Our Cardiologist came in and shared with us her findings. She stated there was an artery behind his heart which was 99% blocked. The blockage was found in the left anterior circumflex artery. She then used a stent procedure with balloon angioplasty. The procedure involves placing a mesh-like metal device into an artery at a site which is narrowed. The stent is mounted on a balloon-tipped catheter, threaded through an artery, and positioned at the point of blockage. The balloon is then inflated, opening the stent. The catheter and deflated balloon are then removed, leaving the stent in place. The opened stent keeps the vessel open and stops the artery from collapsing. His cardiologist used one of the newer stents which are medicated that help keep the artery from closing up again. These are called coated stents or drug-eluting stents. He was admitted to the hospital and was able to go home the following day which was a Saturday. We were so worn out we came home and slept until late that evening. On Sunday morning I wasn't sure he would feel up to church, however, he definitely wanted to go, and we did. He's sore from the cut in his groin and still a bit weak, but doing great otherwise.

Praises to God

There is a Christian song entitled "I Sing Praises to Your Name". The words express our feelings completely. We are filled with so much thankfulness and praises to our Lord. He is always there for us - not only when we have mountaintop experiences but also in the valleys or uncertainties of life. I have to say though, neither of us felt we were experiencing a valley of uncertainty. We felt God's presence so strongly it was awesome. God is so good, and greatly to be praised!

We would enjoy hearing from you through comments, and I'll be sure to share all prayers and good wishes to my husband for his continued good health. Thank you for your time and concern. May God bless YOUR life today with HIS eternal love!

Dear Lord, We give you ALL glory and praise for your constant love, peace, comfort, and joy, not only through this experience, but throughout our daily lives. For YOUR name IS great and greatly to be praised! In Jesus' blessed name, Amen!

American Heart Association

Please visit the American Heart Association site to take a simple risk assessment test.


Heather said...

Wow, what an event. I hope he will be okay...I love you guys;) and I know god does too. It's funny I'm the same way when it comes to not telling the truth about how I'm really feeling. It's not a good habit to get into. Sending my prayers your way...

Lots of love,

p.s: you are the nicest person I have ever talked to online, it has been too long since I have payed any attention to my Christianity. Your blog helps me to remember what god is all about.

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, I didn't think this post was overly long.

I'm so glad that the Lord provided you with a doctor you could trust and that this doctor was so proactive with your husband! I'm thankful that his proceedure went well and that he's on the mend.

May God bless both you and your husband with continued good health.

Anonymous said...

God is Good !


KelseyChristine said...

I am so inspired by your faith! I have been struggling a lot lately with mine...lots of questions/doubt etc... and it is very encouraging to hear from someone who is so confident in their faith. I will say a prayer for your husband tonight. I hope he continues to heal and recover. Thanks for being a great example of love :)

Beeba said...


I am so happy you came by! Please come by anytime!! I am so happy all went well for you and Hubby! We sure do serve an Awesome God!! I know how scary heart surgery can be. My dad underwent a quadruple by-pass in the late 80's. We were so scared at that time, and honestly, I did not know Jesus then, but none-the-less, I prayed constantly. God brought him through, but, he passed on in '97.

Is it ok if I put you on my 'friends' list? I would be honored. I love Paul, too!! He is such a dear!!

My prayers are with you and your husband, and I lift you and him up to The Lord, and ask that He heal him, and that there are no more complications. In Jesus' Name, Amen

Ronald said...

That sounded like quite an ordeal. I'm glad your DH is doing okay.

Denise said...

God is so wonderful, and very worthy to be praised. I am so very glad that your husband is on the mend. I will be lifting you both up in my prayers.Thanks for visiting my blog, in answer to your question, I have type 2 diabetes, but take 4 shots a day. Bless you always.

SiouxSue said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all creatures here below.


It's good to meet you. My husband has a-fib, but with good doctors and faith he is doing very well.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Well I have read it now!! Boy, I am so glad that you have a great doctor!! My hubby also has heart problems on his dad's side. We have had him to the doctor also. His dad passed away in the field right after a checkup. He was 51!! I have always worried about him!! I know we should not worry but I know I do...God will take care of him too..I know that!! Thanks for showing how God was with you both the whole way. I am so happy that your hubby is better and I hope he continues to be just that way. Take care..Sandy

Sharon said...

I finally had some time to sit down and read a bit. I'm so glad all went well with your husband's procedure. We will keep him uplifted in our prayers that God will give him continuing health with no more heart problems.

You have a lovely site! It's very nice to meet you. :-)

dcrmom said...

So glad all is well. And that they did the test to find the blockage. Thanks for sharing.

Kelli said...

My dad had two heart attacks, and lost his parents both (at age 9) to the same.

I'm so glad he loved you enough to get things in motion.

Hug that man and tell him I'm proud! then get out there and minister :)