Saturday, June 23, 2007

God is in Control

Hello Friends and Family,

It is really me, the Grandma around here! :) For over a month now you have been receiving updates written by my husband and posted by Denise at her blog Shortybear's Place. I am blessed Denise would do this for me taking her own time and space on her blog. Much love and hugs to Denise. You ARE a God send; a true prayer warrior. I will never forget what you did for me and hope you will forgive me that I was unable to stay in touch.

Special thanks to my dear hubby for getting the updates out to Denise and also to many other dear blogging friends who emailed or left comments on my blog. I must tell you each prayer was felt. After spending almost two weeks or more in ICU sleeping, (all still a blur to me); I cried as my husband read to me messages many sent with prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes.

I'm still in dialysis 3 days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This past Thursday at dialysis, the doctor informed me my dialysis port/catheter was not working properly and I was not getting full use of my dialysis time as they couldn't get the port to work. Therefore, he told me to go to the hospital Friday morning and he would place it in my chest again. Something I was not looking forward to because it hurts badly and is so very tender with stitches which were still in there from the first port they placed in me back while I was in the hosital. Before they placed the new catheter into a new port area of my chest, they did what they called "vein mapping" of the veins in my arms in the event they still see no changes in my kidneys working. They placed an IV in each of my thumbs, wow, that is a tender area, and then ran some type of dye into the veins of my arms to map the veins for a future shunt they may have to place for dialysis should 'they' decide my kidneys are damaged and will not ever work again.

I am NOT giving up on my kidneys working. I am currently "resting in Jesus" and praying for strength, peace, and healing.