Friday, November 21, 2008

Prayers Needed Please



First Prayer My nephew, Eric is in the military and is 22 years old and single. He had been losing weight for two or three months and had two enlarged areas on his groin. The medics where he was stationed were treating the symptoms by draining the lumps and giving him antibiotics instead of attempting to find out the cause. This past Monday the medics finally brought Eric back and admitted him to a large hospital where he has now had surgery to remove the lumps and has been given a preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma cancer. They have also found two more lumps which are larger than the two they removed which will likely require another surgery. We are awaiting a firm diagnosis from the doctors, however in the meantime, my sister and I are both making travel plans to fly there to be with him immediately. Please pray for my nephew and my sister, as well as me as I support and minister to both of them. My prayer is that the diagnosis is wrong and that my nephew is fully healed in Jesus name. Thank you for your prayers.

Second Prayer There is a young couple, Alyson and Justin, who lost both their jobs and their apartment at the same time. They are around 25 years old and are Christians and were living in their car when they came into the Crisis Center about three weeks ago. There was no way for them to apply for jobs because their clothing was dirty and they had no way to take baths. The crisis center, through donations, managed to place them in a motel with kitchen while they searched for jobs. They both are actively looking from morning till night for work as they check in with personnel from the crisis center almost daily. The good news is Alyson found a job and she is so very excited! Today was her second day at work. Justin has two good leads and one of them he believes is going to hire him. I would like to ask that you keep Alyson and Justin in your prayers. The Director of the Crisis Center has told them after they both obtain work, he will help them get into an apartment which will be far cheaper than paying motel rent. They are trying so very hard and we all just want to see them accomplish their dream of having a place of their own. I know... I know... I'm not suppose to get emotionally attached with people where I volunteer, but it seems I already have with this couple. And ... with my husband being the Director of the Crisis Center, I have someone to continuously tell me to be careful or I'll become too attached. Yes, he knows me. smiles! Please keep Alyson and Justin in your prayers that Justin will also get a good job very soon; that their car will continue working for them driving so far; and that they will soon be in their very own apartment. Thank you for listening and for your prayers.

More updates are coming soon on Eric
as well as Alyson and Justin!

Many Blessings


gengen said...

Hi thanks for the comments and visiting my site. Since I was in the college I learned that eating fruits and vegetable are very helpful especially here in USA. Hubby was not healthy before but when he realizes that he need a change he found himself change his diet by eating fruits and vegetables. Anyway if you want you can read most of my post i have a lot of info that you can learn. By the way i have a symptoms of cancer before just like my hubby but because of our diet now both of us don't have that anymore. Its amazing God really helps if you also help yourself. We eat meat 2-3 times a week only and it is only very little amount. We eat fruits and vegetables everyday every meal. Hubby is already almost in 60's so he needs to be healthy. You can come back to my site and talk to me i would love to help...Prayer request granted...TC

Denise said...

Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear this news about your dear nephew.Asking God to totally heal him. I will be praying for you as you try to comfort your sister, and nephew. I will also be praying for the dear couple Alyson and Justin. May God watch over them, and shower blessings upon them. I love you.

Jami said...

Well, God bless you for being such an important part in these people's lives... of course I'll pray for them! :)

Anonymous said...

You, "E", Alyson and Justin will all be in my prayers for sure, I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving. God Bless all of us this Thanksgiving and let us truly be thankful for even the small things we are blessed with in these troubling times.

Amydeanne said...

praying for them!

Sioux said...

Gob bless them. They are in my prayers.