Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I AM Bible Study - Lesson One

This post with questions and answers is in response to the "I AM - So You Don't Have To Be" Blog Bible Study, being taught by Lisa at The Preacher's Wife blog. This is an awesome Bible Study and is self-paced. Praise God! If you would like to join in, it isn't too late. Please visit Lisa's blog to get started.

Lesson One: I AM Your Beauty ~ Just in Time - Acts 7:17-20

Question: Are there any circumstances or relationships in your life where you can see God has intentionally placed you to be a light for Him?

Answer: Yes, definitely with family members who are unsaved. Also, six years ago when my husband and I, with God's blessings, had a house built and were moving, we hired someone to clean our old house as we had no time. The person who cleaned our old house later became one of our very dear friends and we continue to keep in touch, visit, pray and share together. Just last year she accepted Christ into her life and I am now helping her through a difficult time which occurred due to her new faith in Jesus Christ.

Question: Can you honestly describe yourself as a woman with a 'yes' in her spirit?

Answer: Two or more years ago, I could not answer this with an honest yes as I became intimidated easily, was rather shy and uncomfortable - especially in group situations. However, God has been strengthening me in the past two years to bring me to where I can now say "yes" and know that He will give me the strength to do whatever He asks of me.

Question: Are you in an emotionally and spiritually healthy place today? If so, what will you do with your series of unrecurring events? Will you commit to ask for spiritual eyes to see opportunities to defend a weaker sister?

Answer: I am stronger emotionally and spiritually more so these past two years than I have been in previous years, and will definitely commit to praying for spiritual eyes so that I do not miss any opportunities to serve Him or defend weaker sisters.
Now, I'll begin my study of Lesson Two of the
I AM Bible Study - Beautiful to God.
Thank you Lisa for sharing your valuable time to present this Bible Study.


Denise said...

I am so glad that you are doing this Bible study, may you be blessed.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

What wonderful answers. Love you my sweet friend.


The Preacher's Wife said...

I am so glad to be getting to know you through this Bible Study...I know from experience how hard it is to have family members who are unsaved...If you are like me, you may not 'make sense' to them but that is exactly what makes them wonder what is different about you! Take heart!